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3 Potential Uses of CBD Oil for Breast Cancer
almost 5 years ago

More than 60 revised studies on medical marijuana were conducted between 1990 and 2014 for conditions ranging from breast cancer to Parkinson's disease. The vast majority of these studies (68.3%) found that marijuana had medicinal benefits, 23.3% was inconclusive and only 8.3% yielded negative results. gusher weed

In the United States, 44 states have medical marijuana laws in the books, which means that 85% of the country should have access to medical cannabis to treat a wide range of debilitating conditions. The rules that govern this vary significantly by state and obtaining medical marijuana is difficult, if not impossible, legally.

Medical marijuana is available in many different forms, from joints that smoke like Ilegal Berner's cookies, to groceries such as tea, oil, chews and many other types of foods. It is also available for vape, in aerosols and sublingual drops, transdermal patches and as a topical ointment. Each method has its pros and cons, so it is essential to always talk to a doctor.

Cannabis oil is a thick, sticky and resinous substance extracted from the cannabis plant (Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica). Cannabis oil is obtained by separating resins from cannabis flowers through a solvent extraction process.Alaskan Thunder Fuck

 Cannabis oil is the most concentrated and potent of the three main cannabis products; the other two are the flower (marijuana) and the resin (hashish). Like marijuana strain, cannabis oil contains two main ingredients: THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and cannabidiol (CBD), the second most active ingredient in marijuana.

Typically, oils marketed for medicinal uses contain much less THC than an average joint. However, both THC and CBD are promoted by their healing powers. High-quality cannabis oil can be used medicinally through several methods: orally, vaporized, as a suppository, or topically applied.

Cannabis treatment: breast cancer

Cannabidiol and its related chemical cousins, all widely called cannabinoids, show some Chemdawg shatter benefits in reducing pain related to chemotherapy and other symptoms such as vomiting and nausea in patients.

Other research has shown that cannabinoids can attack and kill cancer cells exclusively, and anecdotal cases speak of allegedly miraculous recoveries of cancer as a result of the use of cannabis oil.

Unfortunately, some people with cancer have been scammed, taking cannabis oil sold illegally through drug dealers. Research shows no evidence that cannabis oil is a cure and, in addition, cannabis oil that is sold illegally on the street is often contaminated with dangerous ingredients and may not even contain THC or CBD.

So the question remains, can cannabis oil have any benefit for breast cancer patients? Here is a look at three possible uses of high-quality cannabis oil for breast cancer.cannabis-app-design-and-development-services


A research study showed that CBD inhibits a gene called Id The researchers believe that Id-1 triggers the metastatic process responsible for spreading cells from the original breast tumor to other parts of the body, such as the brain and lungs. "This is the first evidence that a cannabinoid can signal the expression of an important breast cancer m

tastasis gene," said Manuel Guzmán, a Spanish expert on cannabinoids and cancer. The experiments in this study were conducted on cultured cells, so animal model research is the next step to determine if cannabis oil has the potential to treat metastatic breast cancer. jack attack strain

In addition, Id-1 is only one of many genes involved in breast cancer metastasis, so future research should also examine the impact of CBD on other metastatic genes. 

A woman in California received a bleak diagnosis of an aggressive form of breast cancer called HER2 positive, which was already in advanced stages and lung metastases. They told him he was only between 18 months and two years old.
She used three different herbal home remedies that contained high amounts of CBD. He made the cannabis plant concentrate using temperatures low enough to retain the medical benefits of CBD while minimizing the psychoactive effects of THC.

The final results were a balm applied topically to the chest, a tincture that was drunk like a tea in the morning and a high potency oil that was kept in a syringe for measurement purposes, administered through a suppository. The latter allowed the medication to be absorbed more efficiently.cannabis-app-design-and-development-services

After five weeks of treatment, an examination showed that his lymph nodes were clean and that the tumors had disappeared. His CBD home treatment resulted in stopping the spread of a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer. Although this story is anecdotal, it talks about the potential of CBD to treat breast cancer.


Cannabis is useful for combating multiple cancer-related symptoms, such as anorexia, nausea, and vomiting induced by chemotherapy, pain, insomnia, and depression.
The safety of cannabis is acceptable with generally tolerable and short-term side effects. Preclinical data suggest that cannabinoids are effective in treating and preventing peripheral neuropathy induced by chemotherapy. Preclinical data indicate that cannabinoids can directly impart antitumor activity, possibly especially in malignant tumors of the central nervous system Royal Cookies.

Although anecdotal evidence is promising regarding the curative effects of CBD for breast cancer, large-scale clinical trials are needed to test this hypothesis. 

In discussion ...

We know that there are currently many women who use CBD oil, get it from local producers or buy it imported from the United States. It is not only used for breast cancer, but also for other types of cancer and diseases that generate chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia or arthritis. Or, as a personal option in cases of menstrual pain, polycystic ovaries, and other "minor" conditions. 

I wanted to include this article in Womenalia because I find it very interesting for the discussion. If CBD oil is a promising medical marijuana alternative, I think we should all be aware and spread the word for relevant research to be carried out. And, if some women decide to try them alone or with the approval of their oncologist, we would love to hear their testimonies and experiences.

Let's keep fighting breast cancer.


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