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Electronic Cigarette, Five Tips
over 2 years ago

Electronic Cigarette, Five Tips

Today we want to talk about the care and maintenance that your vaping devices need to guarantee their safety, operation, and durability.


Maintenance of your mod

Many people enjoy using electronic cigarettes; knowing what care they need is very necessary for the devices' correct functioning and avoiding damage or injury.


Although it may not seem like it, an e-cigarette can get very dirty quickly with use. We must frequently review our device's conditions and maintenance; following a few small steps often ensure its good condition. Perhaps it seems something very complex, but you will see how effortless care is:


  1. First Use

We just bought our mod, what now? Quite simply, the first step is to check that the device is in good condition. Next, we fill the atomizer with the whole line and let it rest so that the liquid soaks the cotton. This step is required every time resistance is released Melonade – 1g.


  1. Fill the tank

To fill your device tank, you must be very careful and pour the liquid to not fall on the central post or clearomizer. Since if the liquid drops, it could soak the resistance and drip outside. When you notice that the fluid volume decreases, fill it up; do not let it run out of liquid Buy LSD Acid 200 Ug Online.


Apart from filling the tank, be careful when tightening the threads. If they are too tight, the seal is lost, which could cause the liquid to leak into the clearomizer and damage the appliance.


  1. Daily cleaning

If you want your mod to remain in perfect condition for longer, it is advisable to clean it regularly. This cleaning includes the electrical connections, threads and nozzle. Due to regular use, it is common for a liquid to be on the nozzle and lines. You can easily clean it with a handkerchief.


It is essential to periodically check that all components, surfaces and connections of the electronic cigarette are clean. The reservoir should clean the reservoir regularly with a little warm soapy water.

  1. Transportation

To protect your device for longer, we must ensure the way we transport it. Carrying our electronic cigarette loose in your bag, pants, etc., is not the best option. Movement can cause collisions with other objects or falls, which can cause extensive damage.


Having a carrying case is a way to safely carry all your stizzy carts vaping equipment from one place to another. Besides, this is how we protect it and ensure its proper functioning for a longer Masteron V 100mg time. 


  1. Deep cleaning

From time to time, despite daily care, the appliance needs to be cleaned more thoroughly. For this, we must disassemble it, check all its joints and clean each of its parts carefully.


To avoid horrible taste or strange flavours when vaping, we recommend that you thoroughly clean the atomizers with warm water and dry them very well—avoiding electronic wetting parts such as resistors, batteries, etc.


Maintenance tips for your mod

We have already talked about the steps and care that your vaping device requires to ensure its correct operation and durability. Now we leave you some tips so that the useful life of your mod is longer.


  • Avoid lowering the fluid reservoir too low, as the device could burn.
  • The battery terminal always has to be clean. A dirty terminal can affect the proper functioning of the device.
  • Store your mod in good condition: without it being exposed to the sun, water and high temperatures as they could damage the device or cause further damage. This also applies to e-liquids One-Up Psilocybin Mushroom.
  • Keep the atomizer, clearomizer and mouthpiece clean.
  • We advise you to always carry your mod in a protective case that ensures its correct transport and protects it.
  • Do not use liquids that are harmful or could damage the device. There are different liquids on the market: some are neutral and do not damage the clearomizer, while others are more acidic and can damage the tank over time.
  • If you always keep some charge in the battery, you will extend your vaping device's useful life in addition to the proper maintenance of batteries.
  • Be careful with tightening the clearomizer on the battery too much; this could damage the connections and, with it, the mod.
  • Change the coils every 15-20 days to ensure maximum performance from your vaping device.

Electronic Cigarette, Five Tips

otherwise, it would not. However, in some cases, this is not the case; that is, sometimes the novice vaper uses his cigarette for a few weeks and eventually relapses back to tobacco.

I will tell you five tips that you should follow to not fail in your attempt to quit smoking an electronic cigarette and white gushers strain.


1. Be very careful with the liquids to vape. Choose the flavor nicely.

To start vaping, forget the fruity flavors that some stores offer you as if they were toys or candy. You have a tobacco addiction, and you want to stop having it; it is not a cake treat. Always choose to start tobacco flavors such as Desert Ship (Ekmel), USA mix or Virginia Blend; within the range of primary flavors of the Hangsen brand of liquids, they are the ones that will most resemble the conventional cigarettes that accompany your diary. You should use them for at least a month or two, just the time to switch your addiction from tobacco to electronic cigarettes.


2. Very important also the level of nicotine.

Do not be afraid of nicotine; keep in mind that you have been inhaling it for years together with other carcinogenic compounds, the result of combustion. A little more nicotine (or a lot) is more than justifies; you are not going to get hook more than you are.


Keep in mind that it is about changing tobacco addiction for the addiction to an electronic cigarette. Your short-term goal (first two months) is to stop being hooked on tobacco and get hooked on e-cigarettes altogether.


Once you get it, it is elementary to start a new stage in which you will gradually begin to lower the nicotine level. When you realize it, your "hook" will have disappeared without any pain. Eye! It's essential to do it without fear, or rush, that is, hold on with the nicotine for as long as you think necessary, if the second week you go to level 0 nicotine, even if it seems you are getting it, you will be tobacco meat in a short time new.


IMPORTANT: It should note that the new electronic cigarette models have a higher potency than the old starter kits, so the maximum amount of nicotine that it supports is 12mg. More nicotine than recommended is practically unvaperable for 99% of vape.


Each smoker has a different level of smoking; some smoke one packs a day or more, others smoke ten a day, and others one or two (some social smokers smoke packets and packs during their nights out - tobacco and alcohol always go hand-). There are some correspondence tables for each liquids brand, between the level of smoking and the amount of nicotine to choose initially.


If you smoke a daily pack and you are going to use the Hangsen brand, for example, you should start with 24mg of nicotine and holds on like this for at least a month and a half Then you go to 18, then 12, then 6, and so on, slowly but surely. If you do it correctly and hold out long enough, your body will have discarded the tar from your body, and a simple drag of a traditional cigarette will make you nauseous (I can no longer bear the tobacco smoke next to me).


3. Don't skimp on sprays!

In case you don't know what an atomizer is, it is the resistance with "white wicks" that is screwed into the clearomizer (the clearomizer is the transparent tank that is screwed onto the battery). These atomizers wear out with use; they last longer, sometimes they last less; it depends on how you use them.


Always have a good bunch of atomizers available, don't rush them; if you start to have insufficient vaping, it's time to throw away the atomizer and replace it with a new one; the vapor must always be abundant as the first day!


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4. Don't run out of battery

If you have chosen well, you will have acquired a double starter kit with two electronic cigarettes; this allows you always to have one battery charged while using the other. When you run out of the shower, take the one you just captured and put the one you were using to assess; always repeat this cycle rigorously, don't let the waiting time remind you of the desire you had before smoking a cigarette.


If your finances allow it, buy more loose batteries and have at least two spares fully charged while you use the third. I know it is a hassle, but there are handy gadgets nowadays such as Power Bank external batteries, which allow you to charge your mobile phone or your electronic cigarette anywhere you are, they weigh very little and are usually the size of a SmartPhone, perfect to carry in bags or pockets.


There are also high-power multiple USB chargers, which allow you to charge several USB devices simultaneously. Beware of low-quality multiple chargers; if they do not have enough power, they will not let you charge your phone and your electronic cigarette simultaneously.


5. Reward yourself with a better electronic cigarette (This tip is optional)


If you have been clever and have won the battle against tobacco using the electronic cigarette as a weapon, after a few months have passed, treat yourself and reward your achievement by giving yourself a high-end electronic cigarette model. The higher quality the clearomizer and battery have, the more vapor you will get from Platinum Purple.


With very little nicotine by now and a good clearomizer, tobacco will eradicate any tobacco addiction trace from your mind. If you feel strong, then dare to quit the electronic cigarette too; if you still have a steam bug, go to the next level. I hope I have helped you with my advice, based on my former smoker and now a vaper.


If you are one or one of those who failed in the first attempt, take courage and try again, do not give up; quitting smoking with the electronic cigarette is possible; thousands of people have achieved it!


What is an e-liquid?

Currently, the electronic cigarette has had a significant impact worldwide by the idea of ​​replacing the joint cigarette with one of these. E-liquids are the liquids that will produce the vapor when inhaling through the mouthpiece of the device. These are composed of a base, flavorings, and nicotine levels that can vary in their concentration.



PG and VG as bases of E-liquids Propylene glycol (PG for its acronym in English) are also known as propane-1,2-diol. It is an organic, tasteless, odorless, and colorless compound produced by propylene oxide's hydration. Its consistency tends to be thinner, which refers to being runnier, allowing it to be easily absorbed by the polyethylene padding and cotton fabric inside the device.


The FDA (US Food & Drug Administration) has determined this product as safe for human consumption. Another feature of the PG base is its low density, which helps it not accumulate in the resistance of the vaporizer as quickly as it happens with VG (Vegetable Glycerin for its acronym in English), as well as It, does not affect the flavoring that is added, keeping the flavor intact.


Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is a part of the alcohol family; it is a viscous, hygroscopic liquid, odorless, but, unlike PG, it does present a sweet taste. This compound is considered safe for human consumption since 1959, so it is widely used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries.


The characteristics of vegetable glycerin are its consistency, which is much thicker than propylene glycol, making it absorb more slowly than PG. The aforementioned is that it has a sweet flavour by itself, so it will cause it to become more adorable when combined with a flavouring.



Nicotine is measured in milligrams per millilitre (mg/ml), and the intensity of the blow to the throat when inhaling the vapour will depend on these levels. Nicotine is an alkaloid compound that comes from tobacco leaves. This is the most essential and characteristic alkaloid in tobacco. Nicotine can also be found in minimal amounts in tomatoes, eggplant, black tea, cauliflower, black pepper, bell peppers, and potatoes.


The nicotine used to make e-cigarette liquids is pharmaceutical grade—practically the same as that used for nicotine lozenges, gum, and patches in the pharmaceutical industry. Currently, and in general, there are two varieties of nicotine: freebase nicotine and nicotine salts. Freebase nicotine: Traditional nicotine is used in almost all liquids from the beginning of vaping until today. It is quickly absorbed into the body.


Thanks to its stabilization and the higher its concentration, the greater the throat hit. Nicotine salts: Nicotine salts are more neutral than freebase salts and, therefore, can be vaped in higher concentrations without experiencing a spicy taste or a bigger throat hit. Also, it leaves our bodies more quickly than the free base. Liquids with nicotine salts can be vaped in specialized devices. These devices use coils suitable for vaping with nicotine salts and are specially designed for safe and satisfying vaping.



Dyes are one kind of food additives that promote colour in food or products for human consumption.



The first e-cigarette liquids used food flavourings in their formulations, and, in fact, most still use them. However, now there are flavourings specifically created for E-liquid for vaporization applications, and one of their advantages is a high concentration of flavour in less product quantity. Those unique flavourings for E-liquids contain aromatic active ingredients to promote the smell and taste of the liquids.


They are obtained through natural products, natural concentrates, or they can be entirely synthetic. These flavourings must be water-soluble so that, when they are mixed with the bases and nicotine and come into contact with the heat of the resistances, they are easily evaporable.



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